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11230 nThe Mpumalanga Tourist Guides Association (The Association) believes that the South African tourism sector, as a key economic and social engine of development, requires a strong Tourist Guiding thrust to ensure equitable and responsible tourism growth and transformation. To achieve this, Tourist Guiding has to be elevated to a national priority as a professional body and sector to impact meaningfully on the tourism value chain.

In order for Tourist Guiding to be a fully recognised and have proper representation as a leading stakeholder in the development of tourism in South Africa in general, but Professional Tourist Guiding in particular, support for this establishment as a Provincial body, representing the interests and values of tourist guides in Mpumalanga, is of vital importance. To this effect a local independent body has be established based on strong professional and ethical codes of conduct.

The Association has legal status as a corporate body under the common law of the Republic of South Africa. The laws of the Republic of South Africa shall govern the Constitution and the rights and obligations of members of the Association.

The Association shall interact and engage with government, Tourist Guide Associations, stakeholders and private business as an equal entity, towards achieving synergy between parties. The Association fully recognises the historical exclusion of the disadvantaged people of South Africa from participation in the mainstream of the South African tourism industry. Mindful of this reality, it is a fundamental principle of The Association to cooperate, collaborate and support interventions that ensure the inclusion and development of historically disadvantaged communities of the tourism industry.

Trust in seeking to constructively influence macro and micro tourism policies, tourist guiding strategies and functions, The Association will act from a position of political, ethnical and religious neutrality and mutual trust as a fundamental to its structures, proceedings and objectives.

It is the objective of The Association to:

  • Be a unified body representing Professional Tourist Guides, to which government and industry can both refer to and negotiate with on all matters relating to the Tourist Guiding Sector within the Mpumalanga region;
  • Deepen the value chain in tourism by working with government, training providers, employers and service providers in raising the profile of Professional Tourist Guides, to increase the level of professionalism and satisfaction amongst service users and thus Southern Africa and Mpumalanga as a preferred tourist destination;
  • Offer members on-going opportunities with monitoring of high standards of quality in training, education, professional development and the adherence to the Code of Conduct;
  • Facilitate the provision of benefits to members.

To Promote and maintain a platform of recognised professional Tourist Guides in Mpumalanga and Southern Africa.

Contribute to the development of professional guiding and invest and support members by improving their capacity and abilities

The Association shall entertain just two categories of members within its ranks.

Membership Category
Any Tourist Guide that is registered with one of the 9 Registrars and is competent to guide in Mpumalanga (as per site on assessment letter and registration card) whether as a Nature, Culture or Adventure Guide shall be legible as members in terms of this constitution and the Tourism Act (act no 72 of 1993 as amended 2001), the tourism 2nd amendment act 2000 (act 70 of 2000) and all subsequent amendments.

All Tourist Guides, registered with Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency,

Professional Membership. Any registered Tourist Guide complying with the application requirements.

Honorary Membership. The EXCO may grant Honorary Membership to any person or organisation who, in its opinion, has contributed significantly to furthering the objects of The Association or have been a continuous full member for 10 years.

Obligations of a Member.

Each Member shall abide by The Associations:

  • Code of ethics and conduct.
  • Termination and disciplinary policies of membership.
  • Members whom fail to comply with obligations every member agreed to, or act contrary or counterproductive to the interests of The Association may be terminated. Such termination notice is to be given in writing. The Association reserves the right to recover monies owing by the member concerned